Building Resilient Communities

Innovative Resilience is creating a new paradigm to the future of millions and stimulating sustainable economic development.  Our collaborative framework supports challenged and at risk communities on a path to a resilient future by:

- enabling community empowerment
- bringing solutions and support from enterprise, foundations, government
- integrating technology suite to support the work
- facilitating training, innovation practices and wellness through resilient hubs

Due to our unique combination of integrated technology solution and community empowerment activation, Innovative Resilience model is being utilized in disaster response and with challenged and at risk communities.


Hubs Spark Economic Development

Our Hubs spark economic development and develop skill sets for locals in the community.

Access to technology: 
Locals will gain free access to technology and tools to help create new ideas for businesses and new solutions to rebuilding challenges

Training and Workshops: 
Tech and business experts will work through the hubs to provide support and consultation

Expertise to Launch Businesses: 
The tools and expertise provided to support problem-solving and launching new businesses

These hubs will provide a place to convene and attract new partners and investments

Engaging Women

We are focusing on women within the communities to run the ongoing community engagement and community-led innovation hubs.

Women’s Campaign International, which supports leadership and skill development among women and girls, is leading our long-term support of the community hubs.