Building Resilient Communities

Innovative Resilience sparks sustainable economic development and supports communities on a path to a resilient future. Our collaborative framework brings technology and training to communities through a “community innovation hub.”

Due to our unique combination of satellite connectivity, technology and community activation, Innovative Resilience model is being utilized in disaster response and with challenged and at risk communities.


“Resiliency Hubs” are the Community Center
for the Digital Age

Inspired by the historic role of the "Plaza Mayor” in Latino communities, our "Resiliency Hubs," are creating a centralized place to coordinate the local communities’ visioning for the future. Hubs provide:

• Technological Resources including Satellite Connectivity

• Training & Skills Development  

• Business Expertise & Entrepreneurship Support

• Emergency Response Resources


Engaging Women

We are focusing on women within the communities to run the ongoing community engagement and community-led innovation hubs.

Women’s Campaign International, which supports leadership and skill development among women and girls, is leading our long-term support of the community hub facilitators.