This center is helpful in great ways, since there are many people in this area that cannot count on a phone or a computer, let alone internet access
— Leslie A. Velazquez Ruiz, 32

In partnership with ASPPR, ViaSat and Women’s Campaign Intl, and additional support from JetBlue, Innovative Resilience opened community innovation hubs with satellite communication to help communities build long-term resiliency in Puerto Rico.



In Utuado, an area of Puerto Rico where more than 55% of the population lives in poverty, we are providing free satellite internet connectivity, to support the public health medical clinic CSM. The program has provided computers and skill-building workshops, which are available free to the community. The CSM was instrumental in saving lives after hurricane Maria. Their leadership and doctors walked to remote houses to check on elderly and other residents cut off from flooding, which washed away 15 bridges in the area. The technology provided through the program increases the ability of this remarkable team to respond to an emergency and save lives.

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