What do we want for Our Future?

September 2018, marks the one year anniversaries of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria that both devastated Puerto Rico. The task of rebuilding and implementing solutions has been frustrating and slow, lacking adequate support leaving challenged communities particularly at risk. 

In partnership with ASPPR and ViaSat, and additional support from JetBlue, Innovative Resilience opened community innovation hubs with satellite communication to help two communities build long-term resiliency in Puerto Rico: Arroyo and Utuado.


The “Plaza Mayor” for the Digital Age

Inspired by the historic role of the "Plaza Mayor” in Latino communities, our "Community Resiliency Hubs," are creating a centralized place to coordinate the local communities’ visioning for the future.

The hubs provide free wifi connectivity via satellite and access to technology tools like computers, 3D printers and “maker” and design materials. In addition, a series of open workshops are being held on a variety of subjects such as computer programing, disaster response, mental health, entrepreneurial frameworks, financial literacy, English skills, and women’s leadership.


Dreams of people in Puerto Rico
as stated in our workshops:

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Gallery of Photos from Arroyo Center


Visit the Center


Located inside Centro de Salud Familiar Dr. Julio Palmieri Ferri, Arroyo, the center is open to anyone who would like to come visit.