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Local Vision. World Response.

Here are three ways to support Innovative Resilience:

Financial Resources:
Each center starts with philanthropic dollars and aims to become self-sustaining within 3 years of its launch. Support our efforts with financial contribution.

Equipment and supplies:
Each center requires technology equipment, design and maker supplies. Support our efforts with an in-kind donation.

Your time and expertise:
Our centers support locals with all of their ideas. Apply to be part of our extended network of industry experts supporting local ideas through mentorship and training. Send an email to:


Who is behind Innovative Resilience?

Innovative Resilience is led by Marti Grimminck and Tony Grimminck of International Connector, a social enterprise based in San Francisco. Our main partner on the global initiative is Women’s Campaign International, a 501c3.

Each location has a local partner champion doing the work of a superhero on the ground.  Learn more on our project pages: Puerto Rico Response.


Try downloading GiverUSA App to donate as little as 10c a day/$3.00 a month to Innovative Resilience! 
*On the App: look for our fiscal sponsor -  "Women's Campaign International,"