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Local Vision. World Response.

A community-led collaborative initiative to rebuild.

Innovative Resilience hires locals and helps set up community-led dream hubs supported by business expertise and technology to build long-term Self-sustaining Model in communities. 

Right now, the funds are supporting both Puerto Rico and Sonoma.  If you prefer, you can elect to support one project over the other. 


The Ask:

That’s where you come in! Join Innovative Resilience to send a message of hope and humanity by responding with resources, lending your name, and making this project a success.

Opportunities to participate range from donations of used or new tech equipment, volunteer and service opportunities for employees, and financial contributions. The needs are so great that any contribution at any level makes a difference.

We will not sell or share your email and will keep you updated on the our project efforts.


Who is behind innovative resilience?

Innovative Resilience is an international collaboration of people who came together though a few existing contacts and whole lot of serendipity. The project itself is led by Marti Grimminck (International Connector), Dan Desmond (CH-MRC) and Michael Kleeman (UC San Diego / American Red Cross) under the umbrella of California Health Medical Reserve Corp (CH-MRC).

Our Advisory board is led by People Centered Internet, an organization founded by Internet pioneers, Vint Cerf and Mei Lin Fung, to ensure that technology is applied to the good of humanity. Women’s Campaign International is our fiscal sponsor.  

The technology solutions are being designed and created by a number of collaborators including Realtime Board, Simi Group, and Salesforce. Our map of collaborative partnerships is growing weekly. 

Each location has a local partner champion doing the work of superheroes on the ground.  Learn more on our project pages: Sonoma Forward and Puerto Rico Response.

Read more about the extended team.



Try downloading GiverUSA App to donate as little as 10c a day/$3.00 a month to Innovative Resilience! 
*On the App: look for our fiscal sponsor -  "Women's Campaign International,"

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